National Nutrition Month, 2017

It is easy to be overwhelmed by cooking nowadays. Do we all need to be professional chefs and spend hundreds of extra dollars to make a decent meal? Making the Pinterestperfect meal is such an effort! What about when we ambitiously grocery shop and realize we cannot eat so much fresh food before it goes bad? GUILT. FRUSTRATION. NOT WORTH IT. might come to mind.


As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I want to make balanced, home-cooked meals as approachable and realistic as possible for busy lives. With this in mind, I presented two cooking demonstrations at Fresh City Market for National Nutrition Month aiming to discuss and display opportunities for great meals on the fly. This method opposes the typical cooking demonstration, which highlights specific recipes that require the purchase of specific ingredients. By discussing staple pantry and freezer ingredients, reviewing basic nutrition guidelines, tossing together dishes with very little specific measurements, and demonstrating flavorful sauces and spice mixes to add excitement to otherwise boring meals, the audience left feeling empowered to get creative with their imperfect but delicious & nutritious home-cooked meals.


Good food should be fun and enjoyable, rather than a source of stress, denial, or guilt. That has always been a philosophy I strive to practice and preach. If you are interested in attending a presentation or cooking demonstration, would like to request a nutrition program of any kind, or would like information on individual or family nutrition counseling, please contact RoundTable Wellness at 765-630-7222 or email with inquiries. We would love to hear from you!


profile_raquelWishing you all the best to digest,
Raquel Reyes, RDN








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