Education and Support

RoundTable Wellness offers additional support and education to both clients and the community. Participation in these programs do not require clinical services engagement at RoundTable Wellness.


Nutrition Connections

Nutrition Connections is our nutrition education program designed to help understand the toxic diet culture we live in. Classes we offer will help to dispel nutrition myths, generate healthy discussions about nutrition and health, educate the community about the RoundTable Wellness philosophies, offer support to those seeking a Healthy at Every SizeÓ approach to health, and more.



Nourish to Flourish Book Club

The Nourish to Flourish Book Club, led by our very own Intuitive Eating Dietitian, is a fun way to connect with others in a genuine and authentic way. The books chosen focus on a range of topics related to body image, diets, and wellness; prompting discussion about what it means to live in a toxic diet culture. The leader makes sure that all members recognize that there are no right or wrong literary interpretations, and that all members are entitled to have their opinions respected.



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