Gardens at RoundTable offers professional services for eating disorders. We treat each individual as unique and tailor treatment plans accordingly. Our team of professionals includes dietitians, social workers, and consulting physicians with various skills and specializations to give the best possible care and treatment options. We also have excellent resources for referrals if needed. We understand the importance of working as a team with our community of healthcare professionals. If an individual seeks adjunctive group therapy at our facility, we ensure continuity of care; furthermore, we require that the client continue individual treatment with their established providers while receiving group therapy with us. Our program utilizes multiple treatment modalities for best clinical outcomes. Such therapies can include cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, medical nutrition therapy, and art expression to name a few.


We help you develop strategies to overcome nutrition- and trauma-related health issues by treating emotional and physical barriers.

What We Treat

• Anorexia Nervosa

• Bulimia Nervosa

• Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

• Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder (OSFED)

• Body Dysmorphia

What We Do

• Comprehensive assessments to determine appropriate level of care

• Coordinate treatment services

• Individual and group therapies matching clients to closely related peers

• Evidenced-based treatment


• Therapeutic eating disorder groups

• Step-down care for transitions from residential treatments

• Therapeutic meals with registered dietitian

• Supplemental support for trauma

Individual & Comprehensive Assessments

We treat each individual as unique and tailor treatment plans according to that uniqueness. We believe that recognizing individuality is the first step to ensuring quality treatment. A thorough clinical assessment with our licensed clinical social worker and registered dietitian will ensure each individual is placed in the best program based on his/her personal goals and needs.

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Family Therapy & Support

When necessary we treat, not just the individual, but also the family unit. We understand that recovery and healing is best done together, not in isolation. Family can be biological, marital, or simply your main support person(s). All adolescent programs will require family therapy.

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Peer Support

All of our group programs allow for peers to relate to and support each other. We do our best to match individuals with their closely related peers. Clinical assessments are an important part of determining what support system will be best for each individual.

Group Programs