RoundTable Wellness aim to develop a dialogue with individuals, groups, and other professional agencies to help us meet the community needs. Our services and programs are intended to supplement care if already established elsewhere, and we strongly encourage our clients to continue with community-based providers.


Our beliefs


  • We place high value on strong community relationships and collaboration.
  • Professional collaboration will foster a stronger support team for our clients resulting in improved outcomes.
  • We respectfully consider the assessment and treatment recommendations from referring partners as it will help create a unique treatment plan for the client.


What referring providers can expect from us (with written consent by the client)


  • Clear communication on a regular basis regarding the client’s progress.
  • Contact within the first week of admission into our Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient Program.
  • Treatment summaries at least quarterly and upon discharge 


It is our policy to refer clients back to referring providers upon discharge from our treatment program whenever possible. If a client indicates a desire to change outpatient providers, our first and strongest recommendation for the client is to discuss the desire for change with his/her team. If the client still wishes for a change in treatment team, we are committed to determining whether transition is appropriate with the referring provider.


Refer a Client